Flower Care

Naturally different flowers have different lifespans. With proper care flowers typically last one week. We have seen them last up to three weeks!

Some blooms such as ranunculus, tulips, alstroemeria, and peonies may appear small or droopy upon arrival; they need hydration and proper care and will perk right up. Some flowers will arrive in bud form (lilies, for example), again with hydration and proper care you will enjoy watching them bloom. 

Flowers will arrive wrapped up and with a flower food packet. Unless ordered, a vase is not included. Flowers will have been pre-trimmed on the same day as delivery or pick up.  

Here are some tips to extend the life your fresh flowers.

Tip #1:

Replenish the water frequently. Change the water every 2-3 days.

Fresh flowers drink a lot of water. Keep the container full of water to ensure the flowers do not dry out and wilt. Flowers are also highly susceptible to bacteria that builds up while stems are in water. While changing the water, be sure to clean the container as well. By changing the water and cleaning the container every few days will help keep your flowers fresh longer. 

Tip #2:

Use included flower food for most flowers.

When changing the water every other day, be sure to add the included flower food packet. In addition to feeding the bouquet, these food packets contain a bactericide that keeps the water fresh for a day or two longer. 

Tip #3:

Trim the stem off your flowers each time you change the water.

By cutting the stems before placing them in water again, you allow fresh tissue that can drink the water much more efficiently. Trim the stems aby at least 1/2 inch and at a 45 degree angle. After trimming stems, ensure no foliage is in the fresh water. Remove any leaves/foliage near the fresh water.

Tip #4:

Use sharp scissors when cutting.

If you use dull old scissors to trim the stems of your flowers, you are often smashing and/or damaging the tissue. Damaged tissue cannot absorb water as effectively as healthy tissue. Sharp scissors ensure a clean cut that leaves tissue unharmed.

Tip #5:

Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light.

Unlike potted plants, fresh cut flowers do not need bright light to thrive. Sun and heat will encourage flowers to “mature” and thus quicken their expiration. For longer life, keep your cut flowers in a cool dark spot.