About Us

Aunt Bea's officially opened for business in January 2019. Owner, Cynthia Geisen, started Aunt Bea's because of her love for not only flowers but also gift giving. From age 7 until age 14, she would accompany her grandmother to the cemetery every Sunday. They would cut fresh flowers from her grandmother's garden or buy locally grown flowers to take to the cemetery. Cynthia enjoyed hauling the buckets of flowers, sorting the flowers by type and color, and arranging the flowers that would stay with their loved ones until the following week when they brought new flowers. Every Sunday after mass, Cynthia and her grandmother made the trip to the cemetery. After her grandmother passed, Cynthia's mother took over "cemetery duty" and together, they made the weekly trip until Cynthia was 17 years old and left home to join the United States Army. 

People assume Aunt Bea's Gifts was named after Cynthia's daughter Beatrice. In truth, her daughter was named after her grandmother Beatriz, who is also the inspiration behind her business.
After being honorably discharged from the military, Cynthia moved from the Bay Area of California to Batesville in 2008. Cynthia's husband, Adam, is a 10 year Navy veteran and is from Cleveland, Ohio. They have two children (Matt and Bea) and a baby due in the spring. The Geisens are both "transplants" to Batesville. She fell in love with Batesville and its hospitality after passing through. They decided to plant their roots in Batesville because they love the people and the small town. They couldn't imagine raising their children anywhere else. 
Grandma BeatriceCynthia Geisen