Steps to Keep Your Fresh Cut Flowers Looking Great Longer


beautiful anbd colorful cut fresh flower bouquet

We all know that unfortunately fresh flowers do not last forever 😭. The good news? 😃 There are steps you can take to help them last longer 🕰.

🌸 Things to Do:

🌸 Always cut ✂️ the stems

Using garden shears cut the stems at an angle, allowing for better water intake. Do this every few days.

🌸 Prune

Remove any leaves/foliage🍃 below the water line. This prevents bacterial growth.

🌸 Water

Choose a clean vase, fill with room temp🌡water, and add some of your flower food packet. Thoroughly clean your vase, change out water, and feed your flowers every 2-3 days.

🌸 Things to avoid:

🌸 Avoid Any Heat or Cold Sources

Do not place your flowers in direct sunlight or near any appliances or electronics, as this generates heat. Cooling vents and fans can cause flowers to dehydrate.

🌸 Avoid Placing Flowers Near Fresh Fruits

Avoid placing flowers near fresh fruit, ripening fruit emits ethylene gas which can affect the longevity of your flowers.


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